Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nerf Gun Rack

Christmas was cool. Spent it with SAM and family. Shin got some sweet new Nerf guns. He's got like 4 of them now but they just get piled up in some bin. I think I'll design a Nerf Gun Rack and try to sell it to Nerf. Something you can hang behind a closet door or mount on the wall. Shin also has one of those battery operated Jeeps he drives around that would look hick-tastic with a gun rack on it. Yeeehaaawww!!


  1. Hey Charlie,

    Great idea, but someone beat you to it (yeah, I hate that too). Check it out at the link below ....

    jeez.. that guy (in the link) looks like he's got enough Nerf guns and "bullets" to supply a squad in Iraq!



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