Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Apple iMac

Everyone got all in a tizzy because the Apple site was down a couple days ago. "The new product is going up! The new product is going up!" Nerds. And what's the big deal? a 27" screen? 1920 x 1080 HD resolution? I hooked my PC to a 55" HD screen years ago. When I sit in front of that bad boy I can't see anything in my peripheral vision. My corneas scream! Just ask my optometrist.

And what's with the Magic Mouse? Does David Blaine come with it? No, thanks. I'll stick with my Logitech MX 1000 wireless.

There's also something called Turbo Boost that's supposed to shut down idle cores when using applications that don't require them and speeding up the ones that are. Meh. I like getting my Turbo Boost at Dunkin Donuts.


  1. Charlie! You are a Mac hater? I can't believe it. You are totally an early adopter. How did this happen? I can agree with you that the hype is totally overblown... There have been a lot of the dreaded Mac vs PC commercials lately. Their coolness belies the desperation. This is a bad season for really expensive things whether or not they are really cool or not.

  2. I fell for the iMac bit 2 years ago . . . I have loathed the day ever since.

    "It just works" my a**. Apple gets you all in a tithy about the blue screen of death and makes you believe that you'll never have that problem with an iMac. And you want to beleieve - 'cause it's all Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy . . .

    But it's all a sham. I suffer the pinwheel of death constantly. Can you image a desktop machine coming with 1GB RAM. Excuse me. Even upgraded to 4M RAM Pinwheel o' death rears it's ugly head. And what powerful program must I be running, why, just firefox with two tabs....

    Apple, meh.