Monday, October 26, 2009

Windows 7 aka the Apple Crusher!

That's right. Windows 7 is pretty sweet. Not only is it faster than Vista (except for booting up and Microsoft Office apps), it comes stripped down of a bunch of programs you might expect to see. It's up to you to download whatever you want so it's fully customizable. It's like buying a car that's just wheels, an engine and a chassis and it's up to you to get doors. How cool is that? It even wipes away programs that you may have installed under your older OS. Stuff like Calendar, Contacts, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Windows Mail. You know...useless crap.

So take that Apple, with your built-in programs and virus free surfing. Keep big computing out of our lives! No to the public option+apple+esc. Yes to ctrl+alt+del! Can I have a job now Mr. Gates?

1 comment:

  1. Windows XP,..."They're going to have to wrest it from my cold, dead fingers." - Charleton Heston
    My computer professor told me many years ago that one should never buy the newest software product, saying, "Wait until the bugs are worked out of it."